Starting in 2012, the Universiti Malaya began issuing e-Scroll to all new graduates in addition to traditional paper-based certificates.

e-Scroll is a digitally signed certificate that authenticates the identity of the signer and ensures the original content has not been altered.

The e-Scroll features a digital signature from the issuing authority, allowing anyone to verify its authenticity anytime, anywhere in the world. Verifying the authenticity of a traditional paper-based certificate is challenging without consulting the awarding institution.

In contrast, digitally signed and time-stamped certificates cannot be forged and provide accurate date and time information. These certificates are verified against authorized servers that record the signer's details and synchronize with the world clock.

Universiti Malaya believes that adopting digital solutions, particularly the e-Scroll, is essential.

As job applications move online, graduates can upload or attach their e-Scrolls and send them via the internet to prospective employers or agents, who can immediately verify their authenticity.

UM graduates from the Class 2015 and beyond can download their e-scrolls from the Graduate Registry website via UM Graduate Verification System (UMGVS) (http://graduand.um.edu.my). UM graduates need to subscribe to the Alumni Portal before they can access the e-Scroll.

For Class 2000-2014 graduates, your graduation details will be also listed in the UMGVS.

Important Notes

For graduates who still have outstanding fees or payments, your e-scroll will be released once your debts with the University are cleared.

For UM graduating students, you can use your Senate’s Letter for any academic verification purposes. In the meantime, please allow 2-3 months after your Senate's approval for your details to be uploaded into our e-Scroll system.

For UM Chinese graduates, UM Management has coordinated with the Department of Overseas Credentials Evaluation Service, Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE), China for your academic verification.